American Underground Incorporated was established in 1986 in Cook County, Illinois.

In its infancy the company carried out a variety of pipeline cleaning and maintenance services for home owners, local property management companies and commercial businesses, utilizing equipment previously obtained by the owner.

In 1990 American Underground Inc. successfully took ownership of a local competitor, permitting the company to then offer a full range of maintenance and inspection services to its existing clientele as well as to municipalities throughout the Midwest.

Underground Infrastructure Maintenance

For years, our clients have trusted us for maintenance and inspection of their underground infrastructure. Rather than expanding the size of the company as our reputation and clientele grew, American Underground, Inc. decided to retain its identity with a hands-on corporate structure. This way, we can keep all of our professional employees closely involved with every aspect of the professional services that we provide. This tight professional corporate structure benefits our clients by keeping overhead expenses in check. Although we are based in Illinois, we routinely work on all different kinds of projects throughout the Midwest.

Sewer Inspection Equipment and Software Development

The company has remained steadfast through the past nearly 40 years, acquiring ever-advancing cleaning equipment and inspection software that continually meets municipal contract specifications. Our equipment is regularly upgraded in order to remain efficient while successfully providing service to our clients.

Skilled Professional Pipeline Crew

American Underground, Inc. presently employs several cleaning and inspection crews conducting operations throughout the Midwest. Our team is a highly motivated group of skilled professionals. We do everything for the satisfaction of our customers. Our experience, expertise, and overall professionalism serving municipalities, engineering firms, homeowners associations, health authorities, and other governmental agencies and organizations for 30 plus years is crucial. We look forward to continuing to provide the quality sewer and pipeline cleaning, inspection, and maintenance services to our clients now and into the future.