American Underground, Inc. is proud to offer innovative lateral sealing for any configuration. Interfit is a resin cured lateral-connection fitting used to seal the gap between the lined pipe and the house service line pipe.

What Is Lateral Sealing?

Interfit seals this connection to prevent: infiltration of groundwater into the sewer, exfiltration of sewerage into the surrounding soil, and tree roots from growing into the sewer.

Lateral junction connections come in many sizes, shapes and configurations. Interfit can be used in the widest range of junction configurations: sealing mainline sewer pipelines from 6 to 12 inches and lateral diameters from 4 to 8 inches with lateral angles between 30° and 180°.

How Does the Process Work?

Prior to installation of the liner, the positions and orientations of the lateral connections are logged.

After liner installation, lateral connections are opened by remote cutting from inside the lined sewer.

The pre-packaged two part silicate resin cartridge is fitted into the “gun”. The resin is then dispensed onto the sock.

The Interfit packer is “dressed” with a plastic sleeve. The sleeve is sprayed with a compound that will assist in releasing the Interfit after curing is complete.

The Interfit “Sock” is mounted on the sleeved packer.

CCTV cameras and pushrods are attached to the Interfit packer. The packer with the mounted Interfit is lowered into the manhole and pushed along the liner with the pushrods.

When the lateral connection is encountered, the lateral sealing bulb is launched into the lateral.

The packer inflates, holding the Interfit tightly against the connecting lateral service line and the lined sewer main.

When the Interfit is cured (about 45-50 minutes), the packer is deflated and removed. The installed Interfit is CCTV inspected and recorded.

Certified Lateral Sealing

American Underground, Inc.’s highly trained team of technicians has the right experience for lateral sealing and, using state of the art equipment, can get a certified report to clients upon completion.