American Underground, Inc.’s lateral inspection unit launches in all laterals with or against the flow in 6″ pipe and larger and inspects mainlines and adjacent lateral services with one inspection run.

Mainline Sewer Inspection Camera

Our lightweight, compact wheeled unit is able to pull 1000 ft. while fitting into a 6” line with a pipe size range to 36”. The versatile unit traverses 45 and 90 degree bends in lateral services for quick removal and insertion of wheel sets. It includes a fiberglass push cable with up to 150 ft. push cable.

Lateral Sewer Line Inspection

The lateral viewing camera system is compact in length, inspects 6”-30” mainlines and 3”-8” lateral services.

Mounted on the front is a pan and tilt zoom camera (40:1 Optical/Digital Zoom) that completes the mainline inspection and monitors a lateral camera. It articulates to facilitate invert entry and automatically centers the image. The lateral camera includes built-in auto upright feature that keeps the image stabilized at all times and can be quickly removed so the unit can be used as a mainline transporter with the front-mounted pan and tilt zoom camera.

American Underground, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with high quality inspection services, and our lateral inspections from main are a testament to this fact.

Special Camera For Sewer Lateral CCTV Inspections