American Underground, Inc. owns and maintains a fleet of powerful, high pressure sewer cleaning equipment, including

VAC-CON Hot Shot and Vacuum units for larger pipelines and Trailer Jetting Units for smaller diameter pipelines. Sewers and culverts are typically full of stones, bottles, cans, roots, grease, sludge and other debris, and our state of the art jetting and vacuum units use high pressure water to flush out and remove wet and dry materials quickly and safely to ensure that sewage systems function properly and reliably.

Our jetting units are equipped with hose reels that articulate 180°, allowing the operator to work in any position throughout this arc. This means greater flexibility in truck placement for manholes located in difficult areas while providing the utmost safety for the operator.

In our mission to meet the needs of every client, American Underground, Inc. provides multiple options and choices, from jetting units that clean small pipelines of 3 inches in diameter or more to larger ones of 60 inches in diameter or greater. Some of the features and capabilities of our versatile and powerful sewer cleaning equipment include:

  • Variable flow rates of 18 gpm to 120 gpm
  • ½ inch hose to 1 1/4 inch hose
  • Diverse water tank capacities
  • Articulating Hose Reels
  • 800 + feet of available flushing hose
  • Multiple varieties of cleaning nozzles

In conjunction with our diverse array of sewer cleaning equipment, American Underground, Inc. also offers the finest detailed video inspections of all your cleaning locations in real time.

Articulating Hose Reel On Vacuum Unit

High Pressure Water Rodding

Articulating Hose Reel On Vacuum Unit

Articulating Hose Reel On Water Jet Unit

Articulating Hose Reel On Vacuum Unit
Articulating Hose Reel On Vacuum Unit

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