American Underground, Inc. offers high quality combination vacuum cleaning services that will meet all of your catch basin and sewer cleaning needs.

An American Underground Sewer Vacuum Truck

Located in the opening to storm drain systems, catch basins exist to capture sediment, debris, garbage, leaves, and other pollutants so they do not go into the storm drains and enter any local waterways. It’s crucial to periodically clean the catch basins as they tend to trap an abundance of debris, and if they are partially blocked they’ll retain water and it may cause flooding as well as bad odors and other issues. This is where American Underground, Inc. comes to the rescue!

Local Vacuum Truck Services

We offer combination vacuum cleaning machines that feature two types of air movement technologies, one with water and one without water. Our centrifugal compressors use air pressure to move sediment and debris up the water suction hose, easily cleaning the catch basin of pollutants. In some cases, we utilize blowers that are a combination of air and vacuum. Depending on the inspection, we’ll use the equipment that will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Regular maintenance minimizes the likelihood of a blocked sewer line and reduces the number of pollutants entering storm systems that will ultimately end up in local rivers and streams.

Catch Basin Vacuuming

American Underground, Inc. has an industry-leading fleet of vacuum trucks and equipment to ensure clean, unobstructed catch basins that minimize any environmental concerns as well as any flooding issues for the local community. We will safely collect, transport, and dispose of debris and keep your sewer system clean and in great working condition.