An experienced and trained team of American Underground, Inc. technicians will professionally line test your sewer lines using low pressure air to find any infiltration or exfiltration.

Leak Detection Testing Equipment

We use the best leak detection testing equipment available to ensure that new sewer lines were properly installed and meet NASSCO standards.

How Air Pressure Sewer Line Testing Works

Testing is done on a variety of sewer line types. Both ends of the pipe are blocked by inflatable balls placed at each manhole cover. Through one of the balls, we allow low air pressure to be introduced. The rate of escaped air is then measured and recorded by a technician for approval, acceptance, or rejection, of the pipeline. Certified test results are then delivered to the client.

This is a relatively quick and effective way to measure the quality of newly installed pipelines for any groundwater infiltration and American Underground, Inc.’s inspectors will provide certified results that will meet the necessary requirements in your area.